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JOB TITLE:  Facility Team Leader

DEPARTMENT:  Operations

SUPERVISOR:  Director of Operations


MobileCare Dental is a growing Van Buren-based company committed to serving the dental needs of senior citizens at long-term care and assisted living facilities.   


GENERAL JOB DESCRIPTION:  The MobileCare Facility Team Leader will be responsible for, but not limited to, the daily oversight and leadership of the Arkansas Facility Team. 

DESIRED QUALITIES:  Strong communication skills, motivated, self-starter, desire to learn, good at multitasking, clean driving record, basic computer knowledge, and basic typing skills.


  • Embrace MobileCare’s Destination and Route (See The Ideal Team Player)

  • Provide leadership to the Facility Team to pursue MobileCare’s Destination, Heart, and Route

  • Pursue personal growth in the area of leadership (See Becoming A Better Me)

  • Prepare and Lead Facility Team morning dugouts

  • Prepare and Lead quarterly Facility Team meetings

  • Ensure all MobileCare Facility staff are working as a team, performing their tasks with excellence, give direction and encouragement as needed (See Financial Coordinator & Facility Coordinator Job Descriptions)  



  • Be an expert in all MobileCare’s processes and communicate clearly to Facilities

  • Handle any Facility complaints that arise by researching notes, visiting with Clinic Team Leaders, etc.  Communicate findings with the Director of Operations to come up with a solution. Communicate with proper Facility staff 

  • Coordinate PTO requests received by Facility Team and communicate with Director of Information

  • Coordinate and track Facility in-services

  • Perform in-services as needed

  • Communicate with all dentists on availability to work each month and as needed

  • Create and maintain schedules with accurate information and up to date notes of Facility correspondence

  • Maintain routine communication with Clinic Team Leaders and Dentists

  • Cross train and be prepared to fill in for clinical/facility staff

  • All other duties as assigned

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