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JOB TITLE:  Registered Dental Assistant (Certificate and/or License Required)

DEPARTMENT:  Operations

SUPERVISOR:  Mobile Clinic Team Leader

MobileCare Dental is a growing Van Buren-based company committed to serving the dental needs of senior citizens at long-term care and assisted living facilities.

GENERAL JOB DESCRIPTION:  The Dental Assistant will be responsible for duties including, but not limited to, preparing the patient for the dental examination, assisting the dentist during dental procedures, sterilization and placement of all dental instruments, and keeping track of and ordering supplies.  Although assisting the dentist is their primary responsibility, their secondary responsibility is to help and assist with the cleanliness of the Mobile Clinic.   This kind of teamwork is expected and crucial to maintaining daily efficiency.    

SALARY:  A Dental Assistant is a full-time employee.  Competitive pay.  

DRESS CODE:  The Dental Assistant should wear scrubs and tennis shoes.  Hair should be a natural color and pulled back if long.  No facial piercings or visible tattoos.  Name badge should be worn at all times.  Hats are not appropriate on the Mobile Clinic.  Head covers that are required for religious purposes or to honor cultural tradition are allowed.

PHONE USE:  Use of cell phones or other mobile electronic devices are strictly prohibited while Dental Assistant is on duty.


  • Embrace MobileCare Dental’s Destination, Heart and Route

  • Work as a team to meet Clinic quarterly standards

  • Communicate with patients about upcoming procedure

  • Prepare patients for dental procedures by making them comfortable and providing any instructions

  • Sterilizing dental instruments and equipment, and placing for easy access

  • Prepare dental stations for use by making sure it is stocked and organized

  • Assist the dentist during procedures, including passing instruments, getting supplies, and using suction tube

  • Take X-Rays

  • Take impressions for dentures/partials

  • Instruct patients on dental hygiene

  • Rotate stock so that supplies are utilized before expiration date

  • Set up/close down unit each day

  • Complete a stock list at the end of each week and facilitate ordering as needed

  • All other duties as assigned


  • Communicate with nursing facility staff about how MobileCare Dental operates

  • Communicate with nursing facility staff about patient procedures

  • Transport patients from nursing facility to mobile unit and back

  • Sweeps the floor daily and as needed

  • Mops the floor daily and as needed

  • Wipes the walls of the unit down as needed

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